Friday, December 03, 2004

Two Birds With One Stone

"Two Birds with One Stone" by Jeremiah Healy, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Jan/Feb, 2005

Halleluiah, a new John Francis Cuddy story! It was, as usual, great.

I'm going to have to go study some reviews of books the reviewers were enthusiastic about. I don't quite know what to do now. Maybe Kevin Tipple or KBS can give me some tips.

The things I liked in particular? Mr. Healy wrote a fairly long story (again, I read it in ebook form so I don't know how many pages it was) and used the "he said/she said" dialog attributions so sparingly I didn't even have to take off my socks to count them.

"Since the criminal defense attorney had asked the private investigator to come over, I waited him out." With that one sentence in context we know who is who without long explanations.

The emotional scenes were well done: Mrs. Carson discovering her daughter had been murdered; the final page. I keep trying to do that. Maybe one day I'll succeed.

Read the story. You'll like it.